Posted by: ecodestination | February 2, 2010

On Haiti and suffering

Ooh, I stole this from somewhere - where? Sorry.

Caveat: This post isn’t on ecotourism.

I was just listening to the radio as I drove (yes, I feel guilty, but public transportation in this city is pathetic) to my friend’s house to babysit his kid (I know, what?!), and someone began to speak about hope and its importance.

She highlighted the recent catastrophe in Haiti, just like everyone has been doing lately. I think that’s great: we should be paying attention to these things and feeling compassion and, hopefully, hope that things will improve, that those affected will see the light at the end of the tunnel as quickly as possible. Hope is super positive.

But this is what I keep thinking: What about all the other natural disasters and catastrophes worldwide that are going on right now?

It’s like people only remember the events that are on the news, so when there aren’t stories about women being systematically raped in Darfur and Congo, deforestation in the Amazon, devastated refugee camps in the Balkans, and on and on and on, they seem to be forgotten.

Why do we seldom hear of people praying for those who are suffering except when a terrible event has just occurred?

This will sound terrible, but it’s as though this burst of compassion is “in” at the moment and people are just “into it” to be popular, you know what I mean? Otherwise people retreat into their privileged bubbles and shut everything out, especially things like this (they usually leave room for celebrity gossip and whatnot, for some reason… not that there’s anything wrong with that, but wouldn’t balance be better?).

The calamity in Haiti is the thing to be discussing right now, where donations are going, where organizations are focusing their efforts– and I think that is fantastic, naturally – but why are we ignoring the suffering elsewhere in the world? It’s not gone. It’s still there, “vivito y coleando” – alive and kicking.

Let’s not forget about the rampant suffering all over the world, and let’s spread love for and to them too.

Just think: an amount as small as USD 2 can constitute a microloan for an impoverished woman in a developing country.

So it doesn’t take much to affect positive change – and we don’t have to choose one cause over the other when it takes so little to help.

Be kind, be grateful, be appreciative, be generous. Spread love. All over.

Besides, what goes around, comes around. So spread love!

What are your thoughts?



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