Posted by: ecodestination | November 10, 2009

Western Australia’s sea levels rise, freak scientists out

The rise in sea levels

The rise in sea levels is going to ruin this kangaroo's party - photo by

If you’ve been wanting to check out Western Australia, you better get to it quick. Sea levels have increased by 8.6mm a year – at twice the world average rate – off the coast of Perth, said Australia’s National Tidal Centre. The global average is just over 3mm.

Scientists blame climate change.

Really? I am so shocked.

Anyway, Perth and the Kimberley region are experiencing the fastest rises in sea level.

It’s important to note that 80% of Australians live on the coast, and therefore low-lying communities may have to be evacuated in coming years due to flooding and erosion. Not to mention heavy rains, storm surges, and even tropical storms. Fun.

(I lived in Florida for 5 years, and I can tell you that many people take the yearly, 6-month-long hurricane season as an opportunity to host hurricane parties  when disaster strikes. Let’s just say that lots of alcohol is involved; I suppose it mitigates the panic.)

Officials are, of course, ruing the possibilities.

So why Western Australia?

Scientists say that tides are affected by the gravitational pull. Some climate scientists believe Australia is especially vulnerable to shifting climates and will experience increasing floods, droughts and storms. Sounds like Africa’s plight (more on that soon).

Let’s see what happens in Copenhagen next month. I mean, do we really want to live in a sea of storms all year long? As an ex-Florida resident, let me tell you, it’s no fun – hurricane parties notwithstanding.


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