Posted by: ecodestination | October 24, 2009

Happy international climate action day!



The coalition has created a day for climate action.

Earth citizens in 181 countries have organized over 5,200 climate action events around the globe to celebrate climate change awareness, concern, action, and leadership.

What it is

If you didn’t hear about this from other sources or through SED on Twitter this past week, watch this short animation explaining the concept behind 350:

The Point

The coalition created the International Day of Climate Action to unite people everywhere toward a common goal of reducing the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to 350 parts per million – what scientists say is the safest upper limit for carbon dioxide for humanity.

We’re already at 387 ppm.

The point is to get our world leaders to haul ass so we can get back down to at least 350 ppm ASAP.

Do it

Go add your name to’s International Day of Climate Action – and, of course, get up and do something 😉

Then, add photos of what you did to the website by emailing them to and upload a video to their website.

You can also donate to the cause and volunteer.


The Copenhagen, Denmark talks are coming up in December! Delegates, NGOs, and businesses from every nation will be there to discuss and finalize a new global climate change agreement. This two-week long conference will determine what the world’s next steps will be to fight climate change.

It is crucial that we make ourselves heard.

So be loud !

It’s fun.


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