Posted by: ecodestination | August 20, 2009

Star Island, Bahamian haven

A 35-acre cay off the island of Eleuthera is preparing to become private, completely eco-friendly digs to be called S.T.A.R., as in Sustainable Terrain and Resources.

The developers claim commitment “to making Star Island sustainable and earth-friendly at every level.” All energy to power the bungalows, residences, and the hotel will be harnessed from wind, sun, and water.

The cay, in its pre-S.T.A.R. existence, is currently an uncivilized (read: perfect) slab of land that developer David Sklar and a fellow developer friend decided they ought to buy and transform into a luxurious hub of ecotourism – for those who can afford it. The first building will supposedly be launched this year.

photo from NYT

photo from NYT

All waste will be recycled, composted, and used as fertilizer; rain water will be harvested and heated via solar power; mini wind turbines will harness energy; geothermal heat pumps will produce heating and cooling capabilities “by tapping into the stability of underground temperatures that average between 65 to 70 degrees”; and lots more. Read about the island’s green technology here.

The website’s Products page remains under construction. I wonder what will go there. Will it feature the biodegradable products they will use to upkeep the development? Organic cotton bed sheets? Maybe organic marihuana. Just kidding. Hmm. The Green Activities page also remains a mystery, but the model on the page’s photo appears to be longline fishing. Well, I guess that’s sustainable, although not eating fish at all would be the best option, of course.

Other ridiculously rich folk, such as CEOs Sir Richard Branson and Alan Worden and Leonardo DiCaprio, are also keeping busy with similar projects. You might read about them in future posts.

And, you know, I think this is really cool. The Bahamas + no pollution = awesome, right? Gorgeous. Clean. Absolutely dreamy.

Well, hang tight because soon I will post regarding why this whole deal really grinds my gears.



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