Posted by: ecodestination | August 5, 2009

Activism NOW – #1

from Health Care Professionals

by Healthcare Professionals - click to ENLARGE

A lot of us maybe read and write about climate change, pollution, and green living and a lot of us advocate making a difference. That’s super.

But how many of us actually take concrete steps toward a greener Earth?

Listen, I know it can be hard. It can be a pain the bum to get used to new things, to change your habits and your shopping list, learn new stuff. I mean, hopefully we’ll just get over it – and quick – but a lot of us are still blasting our AC in the summer, the heat in the winter, and leaving the water running while brushing our teeth (tsk tsk).

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration. So here goes one idea (this one’s for people in the U.S. – but if you find that a similar situation is going on in your country, you can apply it):

univ health care

univ health care

Support the health care reform bill

Ok, Obama’s cool and all, but he’s not following up on all of his promises, or at least not yet. We can help by doing what we can to stimulate the government into “walking the talk.”

Here’s something you can do: support the health care reform bill. Obama and Congress have stated that this bill is #1 on their to-do list, so the sooner we get this one out of the way, the faster we’ll get to #2, which is the climate/energy bill (woohoo!).

To support decent and affordable health care, speak up by calling your Senator or Representative. Doing it today would be awesome. Just sayin’. Think of how much fun it will be! And if you’re nervous about calling (for whatever reason), you could tell someone else to do it for you and what to say. Why not? Whatever works for you.

And then what?

And if you’re against it because it doesn’t apply to you and/or you don’t need it, then you might want to acknowledge your situation of extreme priviledge and empathize with those less fortunate who do need it.

It is ridiculous that the U.S. doesn’t have public universal health care.

Yeah, you heard me.

Even some third-world countries have it. A friend of mine lives in Argentina. She got appendicitis and had to go to the hospital. She tells me they were wonderful. They kept her there for 3 days and then gave her the antibiotics she should take at home. All for free. Yet the U.S. refuses to do such a thing. And that is elitist, classist, and sexist (as most of the poor – worldwide – are women and children).



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