Posted by: ecodestination | May 24, 2009

Colorado energy co-op wants coal power

Even if you live around the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys in Colorado, you might not be aware that evil forces (*evil laugh*) are talking BS to fatten their bank accounts by raping more natural resources.

Namely, the board president, Tom Turnbull, of Holy Cross Energy, the coop that powers the area’s ski resorts, is saying that “civilizations have historically thrived in warmer periods as opposed to ice ages.” as the company tries to make its way into the Rockies to mine for coal.

Sure, warmer weather would benefit the ski resorts!

Sure, warmer weather would benefit the ski resorts!

But what about the Waxman-Markey bill? The US is supposed to reduce greenhouse gasses by 20% by the year 2020, right? Well, now its 17%… it became official last week, according to Grist. 17% lower by 2020. How meager! America, we’re watching you, and you’re a disgrace!

Sure, US President Obama wrote:

We are now one step closer to delivering on the promise of a new clean energy economy that will make America less dependent on foreign oil, crack down on polluters, and create millions of new jobs all across America.

But srsly. The US could do tons better. Check it out: the EC is planning to reduce its carbon footprint by 20%–and by 2015. Nevermind that 2020 BS. All right?

We’re dealing with trendy Aspen and Vail here, hot skiing spots—which, by the way, would not benefit from rising temperatures! Snow actually melts in heat. (Who knew?) So, much like in Switzerland and other regions whose tourism industry relies on cold temperatures to retain its appeal, much of the state of Colorado’s economy relies on its weather.

You’re not doing too well convincing us with your warmer-is-better fable, Turnbull.

So activist locals are trying to get progressive, green-friendly board members elected to the rural coop, 43,000 members-strong Holy Cross Energy. They’re having a hard time, perhaps most likely because the news isn’t out as much as it should be. The coop hasn’t even publicized this info via its newsletter.

The Colorado Independent reported,

“Vail real estate broker George Lamb faces off against Eagle County environmental building planner and overall sustainability guru Adam Palmer in the other contested race, and Aspen’s Hal Clark — an Aspen SkiCo-backed candidate last year — is running unopposed.”

Want more? Read the whole article here.


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