Posted by: ecodestination | May 9, 2009

Swine flu rant

Everyone is going to die from swine flu!

Everyone is going to die from swine flu!

All right.

A very big part of the reason why I have  been so frustrated by the uncalled-for swine flu panic is that it has postponed my vacation due to the resulting paranoia of one of my travel partners. Fortunately we are only postponing our trip by 2 weeks.

On to my point.

I will point you to some very intriguing and enlightening information. It will give you facts without sensationalizing them like mainstream media does.

This information does not come from a company or subsidiary of any corporation or medical laboratory or any body attempting to sell anyone anything.

This one is fundamental: The swine flu pandemic – fact or fiction? (29 April)- This one is truly fascinating.

"Swine flu threat has passed"

"Swine flu threat has passed"

Some valuable points and reads to keep in mind when thinking about the swine flu:

  • “Governments, using the mainstream media, have deliberately and shamefully engaged in fear mongering, not unlike the tactics used when a flu virus emerged in the U. S. in 1976. It was all smoke and mirrors.” 9 May, brand-spanking new. 
  • Many thousands of people die each year from the flu worldwide, especially in a poor country like Mexico.” And all piggy-free.
  • Watch Jon Stewart slam fear-mongering
  • “It is important to note that nearly all suspected new cases have been reported as mild. Preliminary scientific evidence is also pointing out that this virus is NOT as potent as initially thought.” This information was reported in a New York Times article on 5 May, while the article I quoted initially, up top, was published almost a week earlier. HELLO!
  • Fear-mongering reporters fueled by corporate assholes have been forced to remove their heads from their asses, as scientists they are interviewing now admit they overreacted.
  • “Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they believed the disease was not nearly as lethal or severe as they had initially thought it could be, and they recommended on Tuesday that schools with confirmed cases no longer shut their doors.” – New York Times, 6 May
  • “Health officials report that although the virus is widespread, most cases seem to be mild.” NYT, 5 May (Yes, again! Get it in your head plz.)
  • Expected Tamiflu sales would make corporations a whopping USD 388 million. And we know money is the best motivator. The drug isn’t even safe, and its side effects are prety much like those of the swine flu. Tamiflu purportedly shortens your sickness by 1-1.5 days. Doesn’t sound worthwhile to me.
  • Flu vaccines are ineffective and unsafe.

I mean, damn, keep googling. I’m one of very many pissed off about the mindfucking mainstream media is doing on the populace.

And for the last time, Mexico is safe to visit. So hit that fear over the head with some facts and head on over if you were planning to already! And maybe I’ll see you there.



  1. […] didn’t find them relevant enough to the usual topics to discuss here.) And let me repeat that I blame Big Pharma, not factory farms, for the virus. Although, factory farms are horrible. Go vegetarian! Ok, no […]

  2. As a health care worker with H1N1 at this particular moment, let me tell you–even mild cases make you feel like crap! Tamiflu so far has worked but you never really know if your symptoms go away because they were going to anyway, or because of the drug. Guess we’ll never know. As for how bad swine flu cat get… well, it’s very widespread, and the death rate is technically lower than normal flu, but the amount of severe cases is actually pretty high. Especially considering they’re almost all young, previously healthy adults. At my hospital, we’ve gone 11 people on vents and 2 on ECMO, which is something that NEVER happens with normal flu.
    Aside from that, you’re right:
    1. Mexico IS a safe place to visit.
    2. The media and governments DID scare the crap out of people (though I’m afraid it wasn’t enough to keep the disease from spreading).
    3. Roche Labs ARE making a fortune.
    4. Factory farms, while not responsible for the flu, ARE horrible.

  3. […] again. This time because I am in South America, I am freezing my butt off, and the news keeps scaring the […]

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