Posted by: ecodestination | May 9, 2009

Mexico is, like, the most dangerous place ever

I feel the need to address this because living in a relatively sheltered area can skew your perspective on some things. This post is meant to prevent misunderstandings regarding personal safety in Mexico.

So I stumbled upon a post in the blog (hey, internet searches come up with random things. I wasn’t checking it out because I’m interested, I swear! Heh.)

Apparently, potential Mexico travelers have been writing emails to hotels and whatnot asking about—not the swine flu, mind you—but how likely it is you’ll get killed by drug lords carrying guns and high on coke.

The basic answer is “it’s not dangerous, chill.”

Listen: you will have dangerous areas and safe areas everywhere. If you’re worried (don’t be! Well, not if you believe in the law of attraction) take some pepper spray with you or take self-defense classes.

But really, it’s common sense—don’t walk alone in dark, deserted places at night, don’t hang out with drug dealers or drug lords, don’t go looking to buy illegal drugs, perhaps don’t flaunt your dollar bills or expensive items in public (especially in Mexico D.F. right?), and so on. Oh, and don’t go out looking for prostitutes, either. (Besides, it’s demand that draws supply—remember that.)

It’s the same as everywhere else, essentially.

Okay, I’ve lived in Los Angeles. And they’ve got some of the most hardcore gangs in the US. Drugs, guns, crime, murders, the whole package. And the only bad thing that ever happened to me was sexual harassment on a public bus, ok?

So there. Just use your common sense. Don’t venture out alone into the night in the city unless getting your ass kicked turns you on.

Read this post for more.


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