Posted by: ecodestination | April 29, 2009

Quintana Roo remains free of the swine flu

UPDATE: 1 May, QR remains swine-flu free.

Happily, although Mexico D.F. and other parts are hosting people infected with the swine flu, Quintana Roo is home safe.

The trouble is that some people must fly through D.F. to get to QR. But, if you’re lucky and can just fly in through Cancún, you’re in the clear. (Still, if you’re in good health and take the proper precautions, even if you fly in through D.F., you should be fine.)

The QR State Secretary of Tourism has announced that the state is swine flu-free. Not a single case has been reported in the area. Beautiful.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health continues to monitor check points at airports, cruise and bus terminals and the more than 77,000 hotel rooms (whoa) operating in QR. Read the full text here.

All schools in Mexico-so in QR as well, are closed. However, I’ve been reading that in Tulum, “people are in the streets as usual, eating beside each other at the open-air food stands, and nobody is wearing masks.” Fabulous.  Speaking of walk-by sights, there is a new park on Avenida Tulum! It used to be a construction site, but now it holds a lively playground.

A few people are, perhaps as expected, canceling reservations in the area, but I’d wager it’s happening a lot more northwest of the Yucatán Peninsula. After all, Mexico is a big place! And the main “scary” part right now is D.F., far off from Tulum and Cancún.

Thus far, the party is on in QR–so if you’ve got reservations, as long as you take your vitamin C tablets, wash your hands thoroughly and often and stay away from sick people, you ought to be just fine. Enjoy the beach!

And just for the record, I am flying in to Quintana Roo through D.F. next week. Damn swine flu isn’t going to ruin my vacation!



  1. All of this goes to show you how fast we can PANIC!
    Now they are telling us that there is very little chance of getting it,and that the normal influenza takes 36,000 lives each year in the United States!!
    Regardless , it is good to be aware of what is going on, but so sad to hurt the World’s Economy in the Travel industry now!
    Just what we didn’t need!!
    Our family is traveling to Puerto Morelos, and we will have a good time! We will still be very careful, and if something did happen we will go to the doctors right away to get the Tamiflu, if need be.
    Here is the other side that people are not thinking about:
    People with allergies, are a lot in the Colorado area, as the snow melts away from the Aspen trees, and puts off this very strong pungent odour that makes a lot of peoples eyes water, and also, sneeze.
    Then there are the Asthmatics, like me, that might start wheezing from some women’s perfume being too strong!!
    This does not mean we are sick,or have the Swine Flu, but just something we have had to live with for many years.
    I hope authorities are informed enough to know the difference!!
    The Quintana Roo, is one of our favorite places, the beauty is fabulous, and the people, Mayan, are gorgeous people, we really love all of them!
    I believe there is more chance of getting the Flu in the United States now then in Mexico.
    We will be careful, the best that we can do, and the rest is up to our god , Yahweh, to protect us from all of this!
    Psalms 91:1 APPROPRIATE , HUH ??!!!!

  2. Wonderful, Runa!!! We will both have a fabulous time in Mexico :))

    And you are right, Mexico certainly does not need this fall in their tourism industry. It’s not as though it is a rich country. Its people need all the help they can get.

    About Tamiflu, I have read it only shortens swine flu symptoms by 1-1.5 days. Worthless. Oh, but worth millions to its manufacturers!! The pharmaceutical industry is made up of corporations, and by law corporations are required to make money for their shareholders ABOVE ALL ELSE. It makes sense that corporations screw up so much and give the middle finger to nature all the time when you take this fact into account. After all, many times profit clashes with environmentalism, and money trumps all!

    Haha yes appropriate!

  3. […] The swine flu plus the worldwide economic crisis—and now its exacerbation due to drastic tourism lows because people mistakenly think they have super high chances of catching swine flu and that it is super deadly*—are wreaking havoc in Mexico. […]

  4. […] after widespread piggy flu P-A-N-I-C throughout Mexico (in vain, I tell you, in vainnn!) most of the Caribbean portion of QR is returning to normal—bars, restaurants, shops (I’m sure […]

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