Posted by: ecodestination | April 8, 2009

Eco Eats in London, Pt. 1

An important part of being ecologically responsible is choosing your food-and where you get it from-wisely. Organic, fair trade, responsible soil farming, local foods are always best, of course. In many cities, finding an integral place to eat can prove a headache.

Fortunately, London’s not one of them. If you happen to live there or just be passing through, London offers you several options for wholly nourishing eats.

Duke of Cambridge

The Duke

The Duke

If you want upscale, a sleek bar, dark ceilings, sweet hardwood floors and serious ecological responsibility, look no further. A blackboard displays their business practices, including where their food comes from and their green energy policy, and menus list eco-facts about the first certified organic pub in Britain.

When the place opened about a decade ago, the owner, Geetie Singh, wasn’t so loud about it, but now that people care enough to know, she’s only too happy to let it out.

Their menu includes vegan cuisine, fish approved by the Marine Conservation Society, meats, wines, cheeses – all without sacrificing taste for ethics, which Singh says is what she wants to prove to her customers.

Konstam at the Prince Albert



This futuristic-style restaurant donates money to charity to fight hunger – 50 pence from each soup sold every October, to be exact. (Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?) Their menus are also highly informative, and they hold no reservations about where each of their ingredients originates from, 85% of which are local.

The teal walls and chain-mail draperies sort of clash, giving the impression that the place is anything but eco-friendly. Looks are deceiving! But then there is the open kitchen, where you watch the cooks work it. Not vegan friendly.

Daylesford Café

Daylesford Café

This place sells 100% organic, certified food within sterile white walls. It’s also a shop. Branches are located throughout London.

Now, in my opinion, I am annoyed to read that their motto is “Respect and nourish the land, and it will nourish you” when at the same time they serve hare, if wild, and venison, bacon, mackerel,  … hunting does not bestow respect upon our fellow creatures, I don’t buy any of that crap.

But, hey, I know not everyone is vegan or even vegetarian, and it’s organic, so there you go. You’re welcome.


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