Posted by: ecodestination | March 31, 2009

Greenpeace tours Vermont for renewable energy

On Saturday, March 28 Greenpeace launched a month-long tour of Vermont in a solar truck called Rolling Sunlight.

The idea is to show how solar power can do everything nuclear power can-from heating chocolate to powering sound systems at events-but safely. The goal is to stop by farmer’s markets, colleges, artsy events, and such to engage Vermonters in a discussion about nuclear vs. renewable energy (i.e. solar).

Vermont Yankee: A collapsed cooling tower, spewing water that was supposed to cool the plants reactor.

Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor: A collapsed cooling tower spewing water that was supposed to cool the plant's reactor.

So why Vermont? Because its residents get to choose whether they want to shut down Vermont Yankee, Entergy’s aging nuclear reactor, and replace nuclear energy with local, cheap, clean and renewable solar power in their state. April’s the perfect time to take an eco trip to Vermont and support the project.

“Thirty years ago today, at Three Mile Island, we saw one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, and Pennsylvania is still seeing the effects of that radiation. The Public Oversight Panel’s report released last week detailed the extent that Entergy Nuclear management is neglecting maintenance and repair. We don’t want Vermont to be the next Three Mile Island. We have great renewable alternatives available to us that put Vermont’s safety first,” Ed Anthes from Nuclear Free Vermont by 2012 told Greenpeace.

The first stop was Brattleboro. Here’s the others —

Tentative Rolling Sunlight Tour Dates:

March 28 – Brattleboro (30th Anniversary of Three Mile Island)
April 1 – Middlebury
April 2 – University of Vermont
April 3 – Brattleboro
April 4 – Norwich
April 5 – Bennington
April 8 – Randolph
April 9 – South Burlington/Colchester
April 11 – Rutland
April 12 – Waitsfield
April 13 – Waterbury
April 16 – Barre
April 19 – Richmond
April 21 – St. Albans
April 22 – Burlington (Earth Day)
April 23 – Shelburne/Hinesburg
April 26 – Johnson/Morrisville (Anniversary of Chernobyl)
April 29 – Montpelier

If you’ll be making your way to Vermont this April and want to take part in this project, you can call Greenpeace for info at 800-326-0959.


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