Posted by: ecodestination | March 26, 2009

No more Flamingo Lodge in the Everglades

The Everglades is a swampy, mosquito-plagued, violently sunny, alligator-ridden maze. And it’s huge. The alligators even venture out on the highways sometimes.

My point is that the Flamingo Lodge in the Everglades has been demolished. For some reason they waited 4 years since it was beaten by a hurricane, beyond repair, to make the area available for another purpose-even if that other purpose may not ever arrive.

Amazing Everglades sunset photo by aida.villaronga
Amazing Everglades sunset photo by aida.villaronga

Before it was damaged in 2005, people who visited the Everglades National Park would go there to stay the night. From now on and until who knows when, there will be nothing taking the Flamingo Lodge’s place.

The idea situation would be, of course, replacing it with a bright green establishment. The problem is, there’s no such thing as a free lunch-and we’re out of lunch money. It would cost at least $20 million to rebuild the marina and so on, and nobody’s bringing out their checkbook.

So now everyone, not just those who lack an adventurous spirit or are sane enough to demand AC in the searing heat of south Florida, will have to camp out and get bitten to near-death by mosquitoes (I hear there are 36 types in the area!) if they want to sleep amidst the gators. If only they had a sustainable wastewater management system with low-flush toilets. That’s all I ask for. A simple request. Right?

In any case, the Everglades Park is hell. Hot as hell, swampy as hell, buggy as hell, hell hell hell. But have fun if you go!


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