Posted by: ecodestination | March 25, 2009

Earth Hour Protest



Remember my recent post about Earth Hour? I brought up the qustion of how legitimate it really is–sure, it raises awareness, but wouldn’t it be so much better if that hour was advocated toward raising awareness more actively? What about an eco-themed potluck or picnic? A letter writing campaign? A workshop at your local community center to teach people how to make lamps from recycled materials?

There is so much we could do instead of shutting off the lights, that would be so much better. And wouldn’t inconvenience our lives. It’s really cold in some places, and shutting off the heat would suck (not everyone lives in a “passive house“, right?)

So I would say I am opposed to Earth Hour and that my reason is valid and legitimate. It turns out I’m not the only one against it, although some opponents’ reasons are ridiculous. Planet Save reports that libertarian groups are getting together to tell people to keep the lights ON “in protest of the fraud that is global warming.” Definitely, as PS says, lame.

Looking b ack, did you turn your lights off for Earth Hour 2008? I hadn’t heard about it, so I didn’t.  Time magazine makes a compelling if simple argument: we need all the awareness and effort and Earth-friendly action we can get. So even if turning off the lights for one hour will not make a difference in terms of our carbon footprint, what matters is that we care enough to do it. It’s the symbolism of the action that counts, not the immediate environmental effect.

Sure, we need all we can get.

But I still think an eco-themed potluck or workshop beats turning off the lights for an hour.


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