Posted by: ecodestination | March 17, 2009

Gothenburg: future sustainable ecotopia destination

Renewable energy sources are harvested within the city and markets are omnipresent

Renewable energy sources are harvested within the city and markets are omnipresent

The Swedish are taking another amazing step toward green living and sustainability.

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects have come up with the Super Sustainable City. The plan is to turn the Swedish city of Gothenburg into an ecotopia.

It would be dense and interconnected, an urban land where less space is necessary and more is done with it: people have to travel less, fewer materials are needed for building homes, and more people can be placed in smaller spaces. Rooftops hold lush gardens for internal climate control and to serve as a local food source, wind turbines and solar panels (even as art!) abound, and roadways harvest energy! All this while preserving the city’s architectural heritage-it will feature yellow bricks, granite pavements, and myriad canals and markets.

Once they realized that by 2020 Gothenburg will be growing at a rate of 8000 new residents per year, they decided that the city’s lateral sprawl can’t go on, and it is time for a new architectural paradigm, so to speak.

The Super Sustainable City’s new design will house about a third of the city’s population until 2020 while simultaneously strengthening the link between the banks of the site’s river.

The aforementioned farmed rooftops will be energy-efficient, reducing the need to lower and up living quarters’ temperature. Many roofs will even contain small-scale wind turbines! Gosh, I wish my building had some of those! At least my apartment!

Further, sustainable transportation will consist of an emission-free personal rapid transit system and bike-friendlier roads and highways. Said paths will also serve to collect rainwater and solar energy. Hooooly JeZeus.

Now all that’s left for me to do is take Swedish lessons and save money to move over there within the next few years. Who’s with me?



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