Posted by: ecodestination | March 17, 2009

#1 anti-eco destination: Saudi Arabia

Al-Shaybah oil field, southeastern Saudi Arabia. (photo by Encyclopedia Britannica)

Al-Shaybah oil field, southeastern Saudi Arabia. (photo by Encyclopedia Britannica)

Saudi Arabia wants to convince you that the reliance on oil will remain throughout the world and for decades to come. The country has issued a warning, no less, against a so-called “premature shift” to renewable energy.


Apparently, SA’s Oil Minister spoke at the Energy Pact Conference and asserted that oil, coal, and natural gas ought to remain the energy “workhorses” for a long time-numerous decades! He also said that investing in alternative energy could result in decreased investment in fossil fuels (duh!) and ruin the global economy (huh?).

Sounds like some greedy folk are trying to take advantage of everyone’s fears about the current economic situation to place themselves somewhere most of us agree they (oil magnates) should not be, if only because our priority is becoming ever more green instead of black (which is also kind of green, but only because of the dollar bills).

While SA’s oil minister claims that the world’s need of oil as a primary source of energy will remain for many decades to come, SA’s oil reserves will only last for another 80 years if current production trends persist. The oil reserves in SA are the largest in the world, by the way.

If SA had 200 years’ worth of oil production left, then okay, your greed makes some sense. But 80?? That’s just plain stupid.

If you’re planning a trip to the Middle East, make sure to skip SA and write the country’s government to tell them why!

At this juncture, SA’s words come as an insult to the rest of the world.


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