Posted by: ecodestination | March 11, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen - photo by nat_k

…sings Danny Kaye about Denmark’s capital. And, hey, this Kaye guy might truly be up to something: by 2015, Copenhagen will have stopped contributing to global warming, becoming the planet’s apotheosis of the eco-metropolis. Just like that.

Taking the typically green motto “think globally, act locally” to heart (as we all should!), the goal is everything from cleaner air and water to healthier food, lower noise pollution, and more green spaces. Amazing.


Did I mention how I think this is amazing??

More than 90% of the municipalities in Denmark have devised a sustainable development strategy at the local level. And citizens are actively taking part in this revolution, which comprises an imperative factor.

Sønderborg - photo by arne.list

Sønderborg - photo by arne.list

Throughout Denmark, then, cities are taking bold steps just like Copenhagen’s take their eco-friendliness to the next level. In northern Jutland, Frederikshavn wants to be one of the first cities ever to make its energy (electricity, heat, and power) supply 100% renewable. Wow.

The city of Sønderborg in southern Jutland launched Project Zero, which will make the region CO2-neutral, the first in Europe. The short-term plan is that Project Zero will showcase Sønderborg for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

2015, here we come!

Visit for more information on Denmark’s genius steps toward sustainability.

What is up with the Nordic countries? I have recently posted about similar amazing happenings in Sweden, Iceland, and now Denmark. Seriously. Probably, had I grown up there, I would have a greater resistance to cold climates. I would feel so proud being a part of this. I’d organize a green parade and beat the gay parade’s gaudy party vibe with my bright green allure and biodegradable piñatas filled with organic seeds of all sorts. Wait, that sounds (a) impossible (unless I could get scantily clad, buff people drenched in vaseline to dance throughout) and (b) like a bad idea, I mean, what if a cacao plant sprung next to a pine tree? I have no idea what would happen then.

But you know, like a friend said to me, maybe I’m needed here. Maybe all of us who can make a difference are needed most where things still need to get on their way, where the preliminary stages are or are yet to be taking place. Don’t you think?



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