Posted by: ecodestination | March 4, 2009

Protected mangroves + petrochemicals = ecocide in West Bengal, India

Map of where the plant will be, in Nayachar island

Map of where the plant will be, in Nayachar island (photo by New Scientist)

If you thought all the news about Xcacel-Xcacelito’s protected mangroves being torn down to make room for the Grupo Posadas’s swank and greedy hotel development are depressing, wait until you read what’s going on in West Bengal.

Exactly one month ago, the state government of West Bengal and an Indian government committee met to approve plans for the building of a petrochemicals plant on the Nayachar island. This plant will-unless somebody kidnaps everyone involved and makes them read Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Jane Goodall, and many other theorists until they turn into Earth-loving vegans-refine crude oil and make petroleum by-products. Within weeks.

Somebody make the remaining endangered royal Bengal tigers some martinis before they wig out, stat!

Indian environmental groups, by the way, need some stiff drinks too. Nayachar island is only 10 km. from the Sunderbans, a UNESCO World Heritage site and biodiversity hotspot (see photo above).

The New Scientist quoted Santanu Chacraverti of the Society for Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action, a Kolkata-based NGO: “Setting up a petrochemical cluster in that region is tantamount to ecocide. … Noxious effluents will flow into the coastal waters and spread into the vast network of rivers and creeks. Sunderban, the nursery of a range of marine, coastal, and estuarine lifeforms, will be subjected to pollution.”

This might prove the sequel to the Narmada River incident in the late ’90s, when India built over 3000 dams across the river and destroyed both its ecosystem and the habitat of hundreds of thousands of humans (as well as, of course, millions of animals).

Honestly, I feel like tossing bricks at these idiots’ heads. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Where are their brains and why aren’t they functioning? These people need to be sterilized and used in scientific experiments to help the rest of the world survive the ecological disasters taking place and those just starting to brew. Really. I really don’t get it. I do not get it. How can these idiots spend their murderous money if they help speed up their planet’s death? Somebody shoot some sense into their heads, please…

Although I was unable to find any petitions to sign or information for letters to write and where to send them, I did find an article arguing that the building of this petrochemicals plant in Nayachar will not cause problems. It’s in the Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) . Too bad they don’t have a place to leave comments… Oh, but you can do so in this blog here.

I am really sorry I haven’t found anything for us to do to help stop this ecocide. If anyone has a lead, please please share it with us.


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