Posted by: ecodestination | February 14, 2009

(An Expensive) Eco Spring Break in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood Beach, FL

Hollywood Beach, FL

The Desoto Inn ($150-175)

With 4/5 green stars from, you’ll sleep cozy and happy about your responsible choice in this slightly retro inn founded in the ‘60s. In ’99 they began implementing green energy, energy reduction, green housekeeping products, water gathering, low-flush facilities, and gray water consumption. You even get your own recycling bin in your room. That would make me smile. It’s sad that I lived in FL for 5 years and I never knew about places like this. (Becoming eco-conscious really broadens your horizons!)

Set close to the Everglades (watch out for the alligators!) and next to the Anne Kolb Nature Center on the Atlantic coast, you’ll be free to kayak, hike, take a boat tour, snorkel, swim, bike, and more for free or a low fee (which is especially nice when you’re paying so much per night!). For general area happenings, go here.

Also, Hollywood is close to Miami, which is a spectacular place to party (I’m not saying it’s green, but you won’t even remember…). So rent a hybrid and go reap the Miami nightlife until you get kicked out at 5am or later. Have your drinks in the rental car once you park and you will 1) keep plastic cups and straws from being tossed and never recycled, and 2) save money, because those trendy bastards can charge crazy amounts for cocktails. You can also buy beers and take the bottles back with you to recycle. There’s also Churchill’s Pub, a laid-back, seedy bar in Little Haiti where you’ll hear lots of local bands as well as some big acts (tip: you do not want to get lost there because it isn’t safe, so get your directions straight!) Check out what to do here: Miami New Times.

That’s one sweet spring break.


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