Posted by: ecodestination | February 12, 2009

Riviera Maya’s “Eco-Friendly” Croco Cun Zoo

It's very eco-friendly to keep animals in captivity!! </sarcasm>

It's very eco-friendly to keep animals in captivity!! touts the Croco Cun Zoo in Puerto Morelos as a place where you can have ecological fun.

Are you kidding me?

Somebody ought to punch that entry’s author and everyone involved with that zoo in the face.

They’re not green: they’re hypocrites.

One thing is taking a jungle tour and surreptitiously, quietly, respectfully, witnessing the beauty and majesty of nature’s fauna and flora. The point being to avoid disruption, to not stress out the animals, to be eco-friendly without altering the ecosystem.

Another thing is supporting a zoo, an establishment that has intruded on nature to build facilities in which to exploit (sorry, exhibit) endangered animals. They are keeping these animals captive, letting you touch and feed them, pretending they’re awesome, and charging you for it. These people represent another group of humans who have sold their souls. But this group is worse than, say, the corporations in charge of Tartagal’s deforestation, because the people of Croco Cun Zoo want you to think they’re on yours and nature’s side, when in truth it’s a ruse, it’s insulting to the animals and to us.

They say their mission is to educate  when copious studies have found “there is little evidence that schools are developing children’s understanding of zoology during such visits or that the visitors are using the interpretation provided by the museum or zoo.” In general, zoos “provide few opportunities for amusement and education.”

The folks at Croco Cun Zoo just want your money-at animals’ expense. Don’t let their sugarcoated words fool you.



  1. that not f***ing eco fridley

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