Posted by: ecodestination | January 26, 2009

Another Eco Jungle Stay in Yucatán: Hacienda Chichen

Fly to Cancún and drive 90 minutes SW and you will find the Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa. It almost sounds like Hacienda Kitchen, but it’s not (although the stay does sound delicious).

Let me preface the post by telling you that they have a huge pool, wi-fi access, and AC-they have a ways to go still. But the resort has a lot of things going for it, regardless. Read on.

At the Hacienda Chichen Resort you can go on a jungle tour in their Maya Jungle Conservation Reserve with a Mayan guide (makes sense, right?), check out their protected Bird Refuge, archaeological sites, various eco-cultural activities, and get a massage with coconut oil, cacao (pronounced ca-cow) butter, and raw sugar (is this making you hungry, too?) at their spa when you return. Then, feast on organic fruits and vegetables grown in the resort’s own garden; they offer a gourmet fusion menu.

They use a state-of-the-art eco-friendly septic system to manage their waste, which purifies and recycles water through bio-digestible tanks and artificial wetlands. The resort uses biodegradable amenities and cleaning products. They have AC and power-saving lights and encourage guests to turn them off when leaving the room. They employ low construction density, reduce and recycle plastic and other materials, and encourage each other to choose bikes over cars.

You can even have a green and epic wedding just steps from the Chichen Itza ruins. Follow up with a visit to the Yaxkin Spa, a Top Wellness Holistic Mayan Spa, and become immortal! (Okay, that last part is a lie.) But the Hacienda Chichen seems like a supreme place to have a wedding, not to mention a phenomenal vacation. When everyone is headed to the beach, you can go check out waterfalls and 157 different types of birds.

The Hacienda has deals you can take advantage of, such as their discount mini-vacation packages. When you return, you can bring souvenirs such as jewelry and textiles, which you can find at the Toh Boutique-speaking of which, some of the Mayan jewelry’s sales benefit the Maya Foundation in Laakeech, dedicated to the welfare of Mayan communities with an eco-aware angle, which the resort and spa owners founded.

FYI: $120+/night.

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