Posted by: ecodestination | January 25, 2009

2 more MEX eco resorts in case you can spend a little more

Composting toilet at El Santuario by terriem

Composting toilet at El Santuario by terriem

El Santuario Eco-Retreat – Loreto, Baja California ($120+/night)

This retreat is located on the coast, inside the Loreto National Marine Park (thoughts?? this seems awful to me), 25 mi. away from Loreto (so you can be sure the spot is tranquil!). Last September an Olive Ridley sea turtle laid her eggs in front of the Santuario, and locals saw 100 eggs hatch.  Doesn’t sound that ideal to me, but it’s better than opting for a nesting ground by a Hilton.

The retreat runs off solar power for hot water and electricity (no hair dryers here!) and has composting toilets located outside the rooms. They serve locally caught fish and vegetarian meals, including organic fruits and vegetables. You can go hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, mule riding (which is humiliating for the mules), and take boat trips. You may want to leave your laptop at home, as there is no indication of them providing internet access.

El Retoño

El Retoño

El Retoño Eco Lodge – Coatepec, Veracruz ($75-95)

This lodge was built in a colonial town within the mountains, amid the mist of the jungle. What’s cool is that this section of Mexico is trying to thrive off sustainability instead of raping nature through destructive practices and careless agriculture. El Retoño is part of this effort, and works with the community toward the end of preserving the original state of nature.

El Retoño has a library (wow!!), a movie-viewing room, a sauna, and guests can access the kitchen and make use of it. Each suite has a living room and bedroom with locally manufactured decorations. This is how they keep it eco: “all rain water and lodge water is collected and used, low voltage lights and dual flush toilets are standard, trash is separated and recycled, compost is generated from organic trash, and sheets and towels are changed between guests or every third day.”

You can go mountain climbing, hiking, bird-watching, and river rafting. I think I’m in love. I just wonder about the sewage treatment.


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