Posted by: ecodestination | January 23, 2009

Banyan Tree Residences Mayakoba is on its way

“Banyan Tree concept is having the guests and owners feel as if they are in the nature, in the surrounding habitat, and not within human built structures.”

“Banyan Tree concept is having the guests and owners feel as if they are in the nature, in the surrounding habitat, and not within human built structures.”

The residences are being finished and people will be moving in next month. Some of the villas are on sale right now, striving to ensnare the rich and fashionable elite. There will also be a resort.

Since its inception 14 years ago, Banyan Tree has won 400 awards that “reflect Banyan Tree’s sustainable growth and expansion.”

Banyan Tree has residences and hotels spread across the globe and particularly in China. These
Developments are known for its opulent and luxurious style. Their goal here is to “create an intimate, ecological haven” comprised of 132 villas (50 of them being sold to investors). Each villa will have its own 240-600 sq. ft. pool, roomy outdoor terrace, and sundeck, because “at Banyan Tree we create emotional experiences for our guests.”

The Eco in Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Banyan Tree Mayakoba has integrated ecologists and biologists to its staff to ensure the surrounding ecosystems—composed of the beach, lagoons, and mangrove jungles—are preserved despite their intrusion into the land. “Each property minimizes the impact on the ecology and is dedicated to carrying out local community development,” reads one of its websites.  But I wonder.

No details have been offered as to their sewage treatment or how they plan to educate their guests to recycle and dispose of their waste, among other issues. Their championship PGA TOUR event golf course, though, “bears the Audubon International certification for environmental stewardship and awareness.” Does this mean no phosphates are released into the ecosystem? Not necessarily, although I hope so.

I’m probably just being paranoid. I just find it hard to believe everything I read these days, particularly when details are missing and especially when big companies are involved.



  1. I thaught that banyan tree`s grew above underground rivers in Quintana Roo? Golf course development in this location is dangerous.
    I saw a photo of the PGA champion holding a trophy on one of the holes at the Cameleon mayakoba classic he stood in front of a cenote located in the middle of the fairway. I thaught to myself this must be why they are known as water hazards within the sport.

    Another discrace to the local environment from foriegners in the Mayan Riviera.

    More of the same in the post by the looks of it with the Spanish giants Bahia Principe jumping on the golf train extending their modest 3500 room complex by building 32 holes within the Aktun chen cave system.

    what next !


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