Posted by: ecodestination | January 10, 2009


While tourism shrinks and projects in Mexico become paralyzed as a result of the global economic crisis, an exclusive hotel development emerges on the Riviera Maya.

Catering to the elite, this new development is placing its bets on nature conservation, as it plants itself on stilts amid mangrove swamps and employs novel energy-saving technologies.

We are referring to the Hacienda Tres Ríos, the first of five luxury hotels to be built on a 130 hectare lot on the Riviera Maya, where an eco-tourism park used to be.



  1. Whoa. What’s the deal with this? This doesn’t look eco. They’re replacing an eco park with an AI?! Do you have any more news on what kind of nature conservation they’re doing?

  2. Paula,
    The resort is a very low density development placed on an area that was irreversibly damaged by a prior hurricane. Even when the resort is complete more than half the land – including the full area of the eco-park – will remain untouched.

    The resort employed some very innovative construction techniques to protect the ecosystems (all construction took place off-site with only assembly on-site limited noise, dust, etc.) as well as operational procedures (on-site desalination plant keeps acquifer untouched, heat capture from AC used to heat water) to ensure the intelligent and enduring use of the area’s resources. They have also reforested more than 50,000 hurricane-damaged mangroves leaving the area more healthy than before they arrived. For more information please see for more detailed information.

  3. Hi Paul and Kim, thanks so much for your comments!

    Kim, I’m glad you could provide us with those details.

  4. Kim, do you represent the resort in any way?

  5. Yes – I work for the resort’s outside public relations agency.

  6. It’s good to have Haciendas Tres Ríos’s official POV.

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