Posted by: ecodestination | August 1, 2008

Who deserves to lose their hotel?

I know this is old news (dating back to June 4th of this year), but the thread just got bumped on, and I read through the whole situation again. The story is simple: Casa Magna, a home formerly owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar, was abandonded for nine years until the owners of Amansala managed to lease the property. After a total remodeling of the two large beach villas, it opened as a boutique hotel, available for rent as the entire property or by individual rooms. In June, the property was “raided,” foreclosed, and occupied…by someone else, claiming to have the papers to rightfully take over the land.

Okay, so Amansala has received a slew of negative reviews on TripAdvisor, but owners Melissa and Erica lawfully rented both their Amansala and Casa Magna properties. Now this thread on TA is full of comments supporting the raid and bashing the Amansala owners: “Casa Magna Management deserved this and much more, I hope the new owners never let Melissa Perlman near the property again!”

Come on, people. No matter how bad their service might be (and how responsible Melissa may be for that bad service, according to the TA reviews), no business owner deserves to lose their hotel like this, or as part of the national park scandal, or to the ejido, or whatever.

Sorry I dredged up old news, but I just had to vent.

Anyone want to buy some beach property in Tulum?



  1. Thank you for your compassion. Nobody deserves to put their heart and soul into a project and have it taken away overnight. It is a very sad and frustating situation and we are still involved in trying to find a resolution.

  2. Melissa, thanks so much for your comment! If you have any updates on the situation, please post them here to keep us informed. Good luck to you!!

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