Posted by: ecodestination | July 29, 2008

Holbox for how long?

Holbox Island, on the Gulf part of the Yucatan Peninsula, has developed fast to accommodate the demands of tourism, which negatively affects both social and eco systems. Urban plans for organized future development have not been made, however the Yalahau Lagoon, that separates the island from the coast and houses thirty species of Peracarida crustaceans, was established as a biosphere reserve several years ago. Holbox Island is also home to horseshoe crabs, an arthropod related to spiders and ticks, whose skeletons can be seen washed up on shore.

Holbox is also home to whale shark sightings offshore, and is a popular place to take tours to swim with the sharks, which are considered a threatened species.

This little island just offshore the Yucatan seems to be doing an okay job of preserving its smallness. Let’s hope the government actually makes an effort at promoting healthy growth. The good thing is that real estate hasn’t gone crazy on the island, and most land is available only as tiny lots for boutique hotels.  So far, no concrete AIs.


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