Posted by: ecodestination | July 24, 2008

Sian Ka’an is being destroyed from below

By Rossy Lopez. Despite the destruction of dunes and mangrove by Texas’s Camerun Bood, for the construction of the so-called Sian Ka’an Ecological Center (Cesiak), which in fact is a tourist resort that exceeds the limitations established by the Ecological and Territorial Regulation Program of the ecological reserve, Profepa authorities have not performed their duty, despite the massive destruction. They added that it is time for the proper authorities to take action and put a stop to the ecocides in Sian Ka’an, as that will only lead to devastation. They further urged ecologists and the general public to raise their voices and not allow the destruction of the biosphere to continue…Respuesta.

UPDATE to this post:
This is another great example of local press slamming small eco businesses (maybe they’re not perfect, but they’re not a giant concrete box hotel!) while saying nothing about the massive developments that are planned for the area, or the one that already exists (Eurostars Blue). What’s up with this? Whose side is the press on? Clearly, not that of small business owners. Who’s paying them off?


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