Posted by: ecodestination | July 22, 2008

Two more hotels closed in Tulum

Two more hotels closed down. By Romana Mora. The Profepa has already closed down eight buildings and two more have been summoned and will be sanctioned accordingly. At approximately 10 am on Thursday Profepa officers arrived at the National Park for the third consecutive day, after Tuesday’s inspection of the premises Zazil kin, La Vita e Bella and La Condesa to corroborate environmental impact, federal zones, and soil use in forest areas. The investigation ended at 11 pm that same day. La Vita e Bella and la Condesa both had 80% occupancy at the time of the event. The manager of La Condesa was not informed that he should ask his guests to leave, and he was willing to reimburse all guests, for fear that he would receive further sanctions from federal authorities for continuing business. Por Esto.



  1. Does anyone have a list of the hotels that have already been shut down? I’m headed to Tulum Aug 8th – 13th and am hoping my hotel isn’t on that list! Thanks.

  2. Technically, the hotels were “closed” by the government. However, they’re still open and operating, and appealing the decision that was made to shut them down. However, with the situation the way it is, things could change at anytime. Hopefully the hotels can hold out and stay open through all this. Where are you staying? Keep in mind this is a very specific area where the hotels were “shut down”: those inside the “national park” area, near the ruins, in the North part of the Tulum cabana zone.

  3. What’s the latest on this, any updates yet? Are the hotels still closed?


  4. any word yet? and how is this to be found in other places?
    thank you for posting truths

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