Posted by: ecodestination | July 20, 2008

Save Eco Destinations

It’s impossible to travel without leaving a footprint of some kind. Traveling and tourism affect not only the ecosystem of the destination, but also the native cultures that live there. On one hand, it’s important for travelers to get to know other cultures to be able to grow as an individual, but on the other hand, too much tourism affects these local cultures and causes them to lose their individuality. Large developments and construction also ruin the ecosystem in the area.

This has happened around the world. There is a better option, where travelers can respect both ecology and other cultures. As of now, the best options are small, boutique hotels and ecodevelopments, which can be found all over the world. Smaller tourism operations affect ecosystems and the local cultures much less than huge, all inclusive developments.

This blog is dedicated to sharing information that will help lead to the conservation of eco destinations worldwide.


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